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California’s legal system regarding family law there are various stages and each stage is handled separately. California residents enduring a divorce may have to face up to four different hearings for each issue regarding your case. Common Santa Monica family law issues are child support, custody & visitation, division of property/assets and spousal support (alimony). Making sure this sometimes complicated family law system continues to move forward is one of my primary priorities as your family law lawyer.

Divorce Proceedings Santa Monica California

In the state of California, the divorce law mandates that couples be legally separated for six months prior to granting a divorce. Hearings on the questions of child support, child custody, property division, marital assets and spousal support are all handled individually in California. A skilled and experienced Santa Monica Divorce Lawyer who has a plethora of experience dealing with these complex divorce proceedings is very beneficial to you. Helping you to obtain your goals while preserving your rights and interests is our primary concern at The Law Offices of Atousa Saei, A.P.L.C. located in Santa Monica.

Child Custody and Child Support Issues

In many cases, California law requires parents to enter into mediation on questions regarding child support issues prior to the case going before a judge. Having a lawyer who knows how to effectively negotiate for you in mediation is very advantageous. Leaving decisions about your future with your child up to the final word of a judge may not be in your best interest.

At the Santa Monica Law Offices of Atousa Saei we possess the necessary skills, knowledge of California divorce laws and experience to help you through all stages of your family law case.

Parents typically have minimal desire to drag their children through long, painful and emotionally taxing divorce proceedings. When it comes to cases surrounding child support and child visitation, as your attorney we are focused on preserving your parental rights while simultaneously attempting to expedite resolution so that you, and your child, can move on.

Issues Regarding Property Division and Spousal Support

Knowing how and when to petition the court on questions of property division is imperative in a family law case. If you fail to petition when appropriate you can become vulnerable to losing rights you may not be aware of. We are aware of how emotionally charged people can be when it comes to money and spousal support. Disputes over alimony frequently become the most heated parts of a Santa Monica divorce.

Once retained we will stay laser focused on what we are confident the judge will grant you if the case goes all the way to trial. From there we will steer the negotiation toward a settlement that is at least that good or better for you. We firmly  believe that the deal you negotiate is often better for you because it is within your own control, while saving you emotional  discomfort, psychological pain and money in the end.

Other Legal Issues Confronting California Families

The traditional California family no longer involves one man and one woman. Families frequently involve single parents, grandparents with guardianship rights. Whether your case involves pursuing third party visitation or grandparents rights we will be by your side throughout the entire legal process.

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