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Legal Seperation Agreement

At the Law Offices of Atousa Saei, we are sensitive to each client’s unique set of circumstances, and the firm takes great care to help a client consider if separation is a viable option to give them time to fully assess their situation and whether or not they wish to terminate the marriage.

Sometimes, a legal separation is for the purpose of creating distance. However, this option is often a temporary choice, and many choose it for a host of other reasons, often legal. One common reason is that one party may not meet the residency requirements needed to file for divorce. Legal separation is also chosen by those who wish to remain eligible for certain “perks” the marriage has provided, such as medical insurance, time to restructure their lifestyle, marriage counseling, a pause to establish citizenship or U.S. residency, or for income tax relief. While there are a number of reasons some couples choose this alternative to divorce, most legal separations eventually do end in divorce.

When it comes to international custody and visitation disputes, parents are often faced with the challenge of precluding the other parent from taking a child to a foreign country or alternatively, taking one there. With regard to the former, such disputes may arise over whether the country is dangerous or whether the parent has good cause to suspect that the child will not be returned for visitation per court order. With the latter, it may be that a spouse wishes to relocate their children overseas or enforce a court order that has granted them visitation abroad.

Attorney Atousa Saei’s experience and knowledge of the inner-workings of The Hague Convention, and the firm’s ability to deal with that organization’s procedures and policies ensures that all clients can leave their matter in the hands of the Saei team, especially as it relates to child abduction, lawful rights, and remedies.

The Saei firm offers personalized service, practical advice, and a relentless and aggressive approach, as needed in all international family law disputes. 

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