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LGBT Family Law & Legal Issues

LGBT Issues & Same Sex Marriage

At the Law Offices of Atousa Saei, the handling of legal disputes on behalf of same-sex married couples, and those couples cohabitating as bisexual or transgender partners are commonplace. Our attorneys are able to give LGBT couples the same quality of representation as we keep abreast of all the changes that have occurred during the law changes of recent years. Ms. Saei’s team regularly handles a variety of cases that deal with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Since the court’s most recent ruling on June 26, 2013, allowing same-sex couples to marry, Ms. Saei has advised couples of their rights and counseled them on the many options available to them to handle their family law legal needs.

The recent changes in the law operate the same way for same-sex married couples as they do for heterosexual couples. Couples are afforded the same benefits as heterosexual marriages including filing joint state income tax returns, obtaining dependency medical coverage, etc. Subsequently, during a divorce, community property can be evenly divided, child support, spousal support and child custody orders are mandated by the courts, and disputes of any kind over marital issues may be litigated. If one same-sex married party chooses to file for divorce, one of the parties must reside in California for a minimum of six months before the court will assume jurisdiction.

In California, Attorney Atousa Saei and her staff offer the following services to LGBT married couples:

  • Advice and legal counsel as to current, specific marriage rights and domestic partnerships
  • Dissolution of marriage, nullity of marriage and legal separation
  • Child custody, support and modification
  • Mediation and litigation with regard to cohabitation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Palimony issues
  • Referral sources for the adoption of children.

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