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Family Law matters that extend overseas can be complicated; however the Saei firm strives to simplify the most complex of legal issues, whether such legal issues involve child custody, spousal support or monetary assets and real property. With extensive experience in handling disputes abroad, such as child custody, visitation, child abduction, divorce, division of assets, discovery of hidden assets or potential mediation, to resolve such issues, the savvy of the Saei team is indispensable.

With established global contacts including, but not limited to, local counsel and private investigators, the firm’s broad-based global team is always available to assist on the front lines of any dispute, regardless of the geographical distance. With the trend toward globalization, it can often blur international lines, ultimately leaving families to wonder which country, province, state, or city, has jurisdiction over their family’s affairs. Often, there is a stark contrast in rules of law and procedure from one jurisdiction to another, even within the same state or same country. The Saei team is ready to assist in deploying its experts and coordinating with them in even the most complex of cases.

When it comes to international custody and visitation disputes, parents are often faced with the challenge of precluding the other parent from taking a child to a foreign country or alternatively, taking one there. With regard to the former, such disputes may arise over whether the country is a dangerous one or whether the parent has good cuase to suspect that the child will not be returned for visitation per the court order. With the latter, it may be that a spouse wishes to relocate his/her children overseas or enforce a court order that has granted him/her visitation abroad.

Saei’s experience and knowledge of the inner-workings of the Hague Convention, and the firm’s ability to deal with that organization’s procedures and policies, ensures that any firm client can leave his/her matter in the hands of the Saei team, especially as it relates to child abduction—lawful rights and remedies.

The Saei firm offers personalized service, practical advice, and a relentless and aggressive approach, as needed in all international family law disputes. 

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