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Nullity of Marriage


Decloration of Nullity or Annulment

Generally, grounds for an annulment of marriage involve one party’s lack of mental capacity for marriage, some type of fraud or duress, or a party’s age of consent during the time of marriage. A marriage annulment must be filed with the court within a specific time frame. The person filing for the nullity of marriage has the burden to prove that one of the conditions for nullity has been met. As with divorce, the court can issue orders along with the annulment, including asset division, assignment of debts, financial support, child custody, and other orders.

How to Get an Annulment

For some couples, an annulment may be an appropriate way to end a marriage rather than a dissolution. An annulment is the process by which a marriage is terminated without filing for a dissolution or separation. Rather, an annulment of marriage certifies that the marriage was not legally valid or binding to begin with, because in the eyes of the court, the marriage never took place. This can often be a delicate matter, and the experienced marriage annulment lawyers at The Law Offices of Atousa Saei will see to it that your case is handled with discretion and care.

Though annulments of marriage are rarely granted, in some cases they may be necessary. It is crucial that those who file for a nullity of marriage provide sufficient grounds as prescribed by California law. Ms. Saei and her team of attorneys are experienced with the complexities of this delicate process. We will let you know how to get an annulment, if this is the right course of action for you. 


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Nullity of Marriage

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