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Paternity Law

Parenting can be a difficult task when the mother and the father are together, or at least on the same page regarding parenting. When you factor in any dysfunctional or emotionally driven elements such as finger pointing, blame, infidelity or other unpleasant emotions situations can get very ugly, very quickly. What is best for the child can often get lost in the shuffle. Working with an experienced paternity lawyer such as the paternity attorneys at The Law Offices of Atousa Saei will ensure that your rights are protected and that the best situation for the child(ren) will come about legally through the courts.

One of the first steps to ensuring that a spouse and child(ren) are treated fairly under the law is to make sure that proper paternity is established. Establishing a legal relationship with your child by determining parentage can be difficult in certain situations. The other parent may use the child as leverage in an effort to secure higher child support payments. Or, sometimes a father denies that a child is his so that he has no emotional, financial or legal obligation. Let the experienced paternity lawyer team working with Ms. Saei help you to establish the proper and legal relationship for your child(ren) and their parents.

Determining Parentage in California

Typically a father will acknowledge paternity through his actions, behaviors and the relationship he develops with the child(ren). Other times he may claim parentage by signing a legally binding document. Sometimes however, determining paternity is not always so cut and dry. Sometimes a spouse may not want to acknowledge paternity for a variety of reasons. In instances where the parent’s actions do not demonstrate parentage, seeking legal recourse through a paternity lawsuit is often the only way to establish paternity.

A very common method of determining parentage is through DNA testing. There are several ways a DNA test can be performed such as through blood tests or oral swab samples. After parentage is established the courts will enter a court ordered child support schedule. Failure to meet the financial and legal obligations put in place by the court order may mean legal consequences for the non-compliant parent.

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