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Father’s Rights Family Attorney Los Angeles

Being in the middle of a child custody and or child visitation battle can be one of the more frustrating aspects of divorce or co-parenting. At times it may appear as though the California family court system clearly favors the mother. That is absolutely not the case in the state of California as there have been many changes in the law in recent years that benefit fathers. If you are a father and have concerns regarding your rights in terms of visitation, child support or determining parentage it makes sense for you to consult with a skilled and experienced Los Angeles Family Law Attorney.

Shared Custody Orders In California

When a marriage, relationship or same sex union dissolves in California one of the best courses of action you can take regarding your rights as a father os to work out a written shared custody agreement. This should ideally be done before the legal separation, provided you were married, goes into effect. If a custody agreement is not reached or executed prior to the legal separation it can become very costly as well as very expensive due it having to go through the court system. An experienced family law attorney can help you, the father, negotiate a legally binding written child custody agreement.

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The Attorneys at the Law Office of Atousa Saei advocate powerfully for fathers who feel they have been treated unfairly or denied equal preference with their children’s mother. If a legally binding written custody agreement cannot be reached, we litigate vigorously to protect your rights. If you are a father involved in a divorce, custody dispute, paternity action, or child support or spousal support dispute, you should consult with a skilled and experienced family law attorney. Let us help you!

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