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Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of a marriage, also known as divorce, is a legal action in which one party seeks to have the relationship dissolved by the courts. Once a Judgment is entered by the court, the parties are restored to single individuals and are free to legally remarry. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Santa Monica, let the Law Offices of Atousa Saei help you with your case.

Dissolution of marriage is a legal process that can also be extremely emotional. Most couples retain a divorce attorney to assist in the process. A divorce attorney can handle negotiations, settlement issues, and appear with you in front of the judge. The Law Offices of Atousa Saei have negotiated numerous settlements and litigated dozens of cases. Ms. Saei’s team of divorce lawyers in Santa Monica work together to vigorously defend the rights of their clients. They are available to assist clients throughout all aspects of the dissolution process.

Couples are frequently able to come to agreements with regard to some, or all, issues such as dividing property and assets, spousal and child support terms, child custody, and parenting plans. When the parties agree on all issues, the dissolution and full settlement can be drafted and filed as an Uncontested Dissolution. The divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Atousa Saei are skilled in negotiating, drafting, and filing these agreements. An uncontested dissolution is often a less time consuming and more affordable option to dissolving a marriage, and a good divorce lawyer should always attempt to work out an agreement whenever possible.

Couples that cannot agree to any, or all, issues involved in their dissolution require the assistance of the court to resolve remaining issues. In trial, the court will make the remaining decisions in regards to property, finances, and/or issues relating to children of the marriage. This is called a Contested Dissolution.

The Law Offices of Atousa Saei offer experienced divorce attorneys. They will work towards a settlement, if possible, and prepare an aggressive strategy for litigation, if a trial is necessary. An experienced divorce attorney will guide you through the dissolution process and protect your legal rights. 

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