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Your Hero: 5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Divorce Attorney

The hunt for a good divorce attorney is hard. You want to find the right person; not just someone in your area or budget, but someone who understands you and your family, your unique relationship situation, and a host of other factors.

You’ll know you’ve found a good match if your attorney meets all the criteria below.



They’re in your market, and your budget

The right attorney has the experience you’re looking for. They’re a good fit for your situation and your unique needs. Additionally, they should be close enough to you geographically and comfortably enough in your budget that you can meet with them regularly if needed.

They listen, not just talk

The right attorney listens as much as they talk to you. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all response to your case, they should apply their unique experience to your unique situation. Trust your gut on this one—if you and your attorney have a good rapport, you’ll feel like you have conversations with them, not like they’re lecturing you or reciting a memorized speech.

They’re not afraid of tough talk

The right attorney will be honest with you, including being honest about potentially negative outcomes to your case. If your attorney is only telling you want you want to hear, you’re probably not getting your money’s worth. A good divorce attorney will set realistic expectations, not just paint a rosy picture in order to make you feel at ease.

You feel comfortable with them

The right attorney is someone you feel safe and comfortable with. Ideally, you’ll develop a rapport that makes it easy to have frank, direct conversations about the intimate and personal details of your relationship and family situation. Divorces have sharp edges, and talking about them can be a very vulnerable experience. Your attorney should be someone you feel comfortable enough to be completely honest with.

You did your homework

Do your research to pick the best attorney for you. Even if you end up hiring the first attorney you met with, be sure to meet with more than one. When you do make the decision to hire, you’ll be able to make it with confidence that you examined multiple options and went with the best fit for your situation.