Do We Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

people fighting over prenup
Short answer: It’s not a bad idea. Prenups have a bad rep, but they’re actually really useful. Lots of people resist the idea of discussing or signing a prenup, because they think signing one means they plan to divorce, or don’t trust their partner. In many cases, prenuptial agreements can mak

Determining a Child Custody Arrangement

Negotiating agreements for child custody can be the most stressful and challenging part of a separation. Not only must you deal with your own feelings about the change in your relationship, you must also consider your children’s needs, and the role your co-parent will continue to play in their liv

Business Valuation In A Divorce

Determining A Businesses Value In Divorce When a marriage dissolves in California, each party has a right to his/her one-half of marital property, as well as an obligation to marital debt. One area of potential dispute is how to determine the value of a business during divorce, including assessing

Community Property Laws

Division Of Marital Assets When a marriage or domestic partnership breaks down, it can be draining emotionally, psychologically, and financially. One of the more complex, but critical, phases of a divorce is the division of marital assets. In a financially competitive environment such as Southern Ca

Legal Separation Laws in California

What is a Legal Separation For some, divorce is not the best option for ending the marital relationship. An alternative to divorce is petitioning the Court and obtaining a judgment for legal separation. Spouses may seek a legal separation for a variety of reasons including: religious beliefs, reside
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