Domestic Partnership Law

Domestic Partnership is available to opposite-sex couples over the age of sixty-two and to same sex couples. In some circumstances, same sex couples entered into a domestic partnership prior to the legalization of same sex marriage and also enter into a marital union.

A Domestic Partnership must be filed with the California Secretary of State under the California Family Code.

Domestic Partnership dissolution involves a similar process to marriage dissolution, with a few distinctions. A domestic partnership attorney with the Law Offices of Atousa Saei can help you navigate through these differences. Parties who enter into a domestic partnership are not referred to as spouses, but partners, whom hold similar rights and privileges as a marital couple. In some cases, a domestic partnership may be dissolved quickly with a simple filing, however, most domestic partnerships must be dissolved by the court, using a similar process to marital dissolution. It is best to consult with a domestic partnership lawyer familiar with these procedures to assist you with dissolving the partnership, while protecting your rights and assets.

The Law Offices of Atousa Saei have experience in handling all domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage issues. The firm’s domestic partnership attorneys provide consultation, drafting of all necessary motions and/or agreements, filing them with the appropriate courts and litigating domestic partnership issues, when necessary.



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